Our Successes


CONSTRUCTION EXPLOSION: Early in the morning on April 17, 2006, a crew of men showed up for work at a construction site for a vacation home located in Canaan Valley, Tucker County, West Virginia. Unknown to the workers, a saddle joint on the main gas line had failed, causing natural gas to leak over the weekend. Allegheny Power had improperly placed the home's electrical transformer over the gas main. The natural gas migrated into the transformer and through the electrical conduit into the home. The explosion that ensued seriously injured all five workers. Four of the workers later died at the West Penn Burn Center as a result of the injuries they sustained from the blast. The utility company did not accept responsibility. The deceased men's families and the one surviving worker were forced to file suit and the case was litigated fiercely. Two days prior to the trial, the case was settled for a significant sum, ensuring that the workers' families received the justice to which they were entitled.


TRUCK ACCIDENT: Our client was traveling southbound on a two–lane state highway in rural West Virginia. A truck traveling at an excessive speed lost control, crossed left of center and struck our client, causing injuries to his neck and back. After receiving medical treatment, our client's neck and low back problems persisted. The insurance company refused to take our client's injuries seriously. Suit was filed and the case was heavily litigated. The insurance company hired out–of–state doctors to try and say our client was not injured. However, our client's West Virginia doctors continued to support our client, testifying that our client's injuries were a direct result of the accident and needed the treatment received. The case settled during mediation just a few weeks prior to trial.


HEAD INJURY: A young man was injured in a car accident on an interstate highway. Months after the accident, he continued to experience headaches and blurred vision. As a truck driver, this injury kept him from returning to work. The insurance company wouldn't help and his doctors were unwilling to treat a person injured in a car accident. He hired our law firm and with the aid of physicians knowledgeable in the treatment of head injuries, he recovered and was able to return to work. The case was settled for the limits of the policy from the insurance company.


BACK INJURY: On a warm fall day, two friends were riding in a truck along a two–lane highway. A reckless driver lost control of his vehicle, striking the rear of their truck. At first, the passenger thought he was alright, but in the weeks that followed the accident, he began experiencing pain and numbness radiating down his left leg. The insurance company refused to accept liability for the accident and the young man's condition did not improve, even with physical therapy. The young man came to our law firm and with our aid, he obtained the proper neurological evaluations. It turned out that the accident had caused a herniated disk in the young man's back. He underwent a discectomy and recovered. Suit was filed and the insurance company hired doctors to testify that he was not injured in the accident. The case was settled for the limits of the policy without having to go to trial.


FEDERAL CHARGES OF DRUG DISTRIBUTION: A young husband and father of two children moved back home to live with his father, along with his newborn child and wife. The young father, due to hard economic times, had to live in his father's home. The father was soon indicted for distribution of drugs and the Federal Government indicted the son along with the father, in hopes of leveraging a two–for–one. Confidential informants bargained away their own drug activities in exchange for testifying that the son was involved with the father's crimes. After an extensive investigation and heavy pre–trial work, the charges were dismissed prior to trial. The young husband was able to return home to his wife and children.


GRAND LARCENY/BURGLARY/CONSPIRACY: A man retired from the Navy moved home to live with his son in rural West Virginia. Two of his son's friends needed a ride to a house to do mechanic work on a broken down car. The father went back to pick up the two young men at a later time, when he discovered that they had broken into a home and robbed the owner. The police arrested and indicted all three for the crimes. The father maintained his innocence and the case was set for trial. The two friends of his son plead to lesser charges in exchange for testifying against the father. The State insisted that they testify that he had helped plan the crime. After a bitter trial, the jury could not reach a verdict and a hung jury was declared. The charges were later dismissed and the father went home an innocent man.


DEFECTIVE PRODUCT: A young boy received a brand new bicycle for his birthday. He had wanted a new bicycle for many years and his mother said he could have a new one if he took good care of it. His mother had purchased it from a large corporate store. The young boy took his new bicycle home and was careful with it. Whenever he used his bicycle, he would clean it and park it in the garage. One day, while riding his bicycle with his friends, the crank on the bicycle shattered from just the force of his young legs. The metal from the crank severely cut his right calf, requiring 61 stitches. The mother complained to the store about the defective product. The store said it was not their fault and blamed the company, which had the bicycles manufactured in China. The company that made the bicycle blamed the little boy, saying it was his fault. His mother hired the Wolfe Law Firm. After an investigation into the production of the bicycle by a product expert, the company gave in and agreed the bicycle crank was faulty. The case settled without having to file suit.


WRONGFUL DEATH: An out–of–state tractor trailer operator from Houston, Texas was traveling with an empty trailer in the Allegheny Mountains in rural West Virginia. Coming off the mountain, the trucker, who was inexperienced driving in West Virginia, over applied his brakes, causing the trailer to swing out into the opposite lane of traffic. A mother was driving her car up the mountain after dropping off her children and the trailer crushed her car. She was killed instantly. The large trucking company hired an out–of–state law firm to negotiate a quick, and what they termed, "fair" settlement. The trucking company said they were not responsible for the accident, but wanted to offer something to be fair. The bereaved husband did not trust the trucking company and hired the Wolfe Law Firm. We investigated the accident and discovered that the driver and the company had violated federal trucking laws. The case was settled for significantly more than what was originally offered.


MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: It is a warm spring day. Instead of driving to work, a young man decides to take his motorcycle. He is traveling through town and obeying all of the traffic rules. A truck decides to cut across the roadway. Often, the drivers of four–wheeled vehicles fail to see and look out for those on two wheels. The driver of the truck blocks the roadway only for a moment, but when it's a motorcycle versus a truck, it only takes a moment. The motorcyclist has two choices. First, hit the truck or second, lay the bike down. Our rider lays the bike down and is seriously injured. The police and the driver of the truck blame the young man on the motorcycle. He hires our law firm. After a complete investigation, we hired an accident reconstructionist and confirmed what our client had been saying all along –– the truck was at fault. Through hard work, we were able to prevail and today our client can be seen on a summer day still riding his motorcycle in the mountains of West Virginia.