Will it cost me to talk to an attorney?

No, the Wolfe Law Firm does not charge for speaking to a potential client.

Most questions can be answered by phone. However, if needed, we will sit down and discuss your case face–to–face.

For all personal injury cases, we only charge an attorney fee if we take your case and obtain a recovery on your behalf.


I have been in an accident and the adjustor wants a statement. Do I have to give the insurance company a statement?

No, you do not have to give a statement.

Immediately after an accident, when you are still recovering at home or in the hospital, the insurance company will often insist on a recorded statement, sometimes over the phone. Most people are not in any condition to give a statement and the insurance company only wants to take a self–serving statement that will twist the facts in their favor. This can end up seriously harming your claim.

It is proper to give a statement to the police, but not to the insurance company. Call an attorney to discuss your rights before giving any statements to an adjustor.


I do not want to sue anyone. So I don't need an attorney, right?

Wrong. In today's world, anyone who is seriously injured due to an accident needs an experienced attorney to handle his or her claim.

If you are seriously injured, the insurance companies' adjustors and their attorneys' sole purpose is to ensure the profits of the insurance company and to make sure that your claim is not handled fairly. An experienced attorney is needed to help an injured person during the claims process and if you are seriously injured, you'll need an attorney to handle the paperwork for you and make sure you're being treated fairly, even if you never file suit.


The insurance company has made me an offer. Do I have to take it?

No, if the insurance company has made you an offer, your claim may be worth more. This is due to the disparity in the bargaining position between you and the insurance company. You have no leverage with this company as an individual and too often the negotiation process is just a game for most adjustors.

If an insurance company has made you an offer and you need to talk to someone, call the Wolfe Law Firm and we will discuss your rights with you.


I was in an accident. Doesn't the at–fault party's insurance company have to pay my medical bills?

The general answer is no. The at–fault insurance company does not have to pay for medical treatment received. However, they will use your fear of owing medical bills to try and pressure you for a settlement that benefits the insurance company.

At the Wolfe Law Firm, we know that owing a lot in medical bills worries you and you do not want your credit ruined. We will help you in seeking out sources to deal with your medical bills. It is not an easy process when you have been the victim of an accident, but we will give you guidance every step of the way.


My car was totaled. Doesn't the insurance company have to pay the full payoff or the blue book value?

No. Insurance companies are only concerned with corporate quarterly profits. They make a lot of money in refusing to properly handle your property loss claim. Insurance companies used to be required by the Insurance Commissioner of West Virginia to pay the NADA value of a totaled automobile. But they were successful in having this protection of consumers taken away. Today, the insurance companies will pay the least amount they can to boost corporate profits. The Wolfe Law Firm will advise you of your options and help you deal with the loss of the vehicle that you depend on daily, should you be in an accident through no fault of your own.