Upshur County, West Virginia

The County of Upshur County, West Virginia, is home to 24,254 residents, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. The county seat of Upshur County is the city of Buckhannon (population 7,500), the only incorporated city in the county. The area is known for its coal mining and timber industries. West Virginia Wesleyan College is located in the town of Buckhannon and home to 1,357 full-time students. The Bobcats are a NCAA Division II College and the school colors are Orange and Black.

Located in Upshur County is the West Virginia State Wildlife Center in French Creek. Nestled at the base of the Allegheny Mountains, Buckhannon hosts the annual Strawberry Festival that features a week packed full of events, rides, concerts, races, contests and markets dedicated to the yearly strawberry harvest. The festival is in the spring time when the berries are harvested. This festival developed back in the time of the Great Depression. Although times were tough, the Lions Club thought a festival would cheer the hearts of the those who were in agony from the war. Since then, the festival has grown into a tradition that has drawn in thousands and offers new events every year. As a matter of fact, the Strawberry Festival of Buckhannon has become one of largest on the East coast.

Upshur County’s major highways include US Highway 33, US Highway 119, West Virginia Route 4 and WV Route 20. In 2006, less than 30 fatal vehicle accidents occurred in Upshur County, with about one third of those caused by drunk drivers. In addition, this area is now in the bottom third of the state for crashes involving fatalities according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration statistics.

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Directions to our office from Upshur County are as follows: Take US 33 East towards Elkins. Turn slight right on WV-92 South and continue straight onto Randolph Avenue. Turn right at 4th Street and then left on Kerens Avenue. Our building is a three-story yellow brick colonial at the intersection of Kerens Avenue and 2nd Street. We offer two hours of free parking at the lot across the street from our office. Off-street parking is also available.

Circuit Court

Circuit Courts are general jurisdiction courts, which handle civil cases that are over $2,500 with some exceptions. The Circuit Courts are able to receive appeals from municipal court, magistrate court, administrative agencies, and sometimes family courts unless the parties appeal directly to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Circuit Courts are made up of judges who are elected in partisan elections and serve eight-year terms.

The Circuit Court of Upshur County is located in the Upshur County Courthouse and its address is as follows:

Upshur County Courthouse
P.O. Box 57
38 W Main Street
Buckhannon, WV 26201

If you are charged with a felony in the Circuit Court, you can also contact the Judge’s secretary about the steps you can take to obtain the services of a court-appointed attorney.

Jacob E. Reger, Chief Circuit Court Judge

Upshur County Courthouse

P.O. Box 57
38 W Main Street
Buckhannon, WV 26201

Phone: (304) 472-5556
Fax: (304) 472-2892

The Circuit Clerk of Upshur County is responsible with keeping the court files organized for the Circuit Court.

Upshur County Circuit Clerk, Brian P. Gaudet
Upshur County Courthouse
38 W Main Street
Buckhannon, WV 26201
Phone: (304) 472-2370
Fax: (304) 472-2168

The Upshur County Prosecuting Attorney currently is David E. Godwin.

David E. Godwin, Prosecuting Attorney
Upshur County Courthouse Annex
38 West Main Street, Room 202
Buckhannon, WV 26201
Phone: (304) 472-9699
Fax: (304) 472-1452

Magistrate Court

Magistrate Courts enforce the correct usage of laws and have jurisdiction over many civil cases dealing with financial amounts of five thousand dollars or less. They also hear misdemeanor cases, as well as issue legal documents to help cases move further. Magistrate Courts are made up of magistrates who run for four-year terms and are elected in partisan elections.

The Magistrate Court of Upshur County is located next to the Upshur County Courthouse in the annex building in downtown Buckhannon, WV. Their mailing address is as follows:

Upshur County Magistrate Court
38 W Main Street
Buckhannon, WV 26201

There are currently two magistrates who serve Upshur County and their contact information is as follows:

Juanita E. Adams, Magistrate
Crystal D. Parsons, Assistant
Room 203
Phone: (304) 472-2259
Fax: (304) 472-2338
John M. Coffman, Magistrate
Helen J. Echard, Assistant
Room 205
Phone: (304) 472-2462
Fax: (304) 472-2338

The Magistrate Clerk and her deputy are charged with keeping the records organized.

Angela J. Brady, Clerk
Beth A. Miller, Deputy
Room 204
Phone: (304) 472-2053
Fax: (304) 472-2061

The Wolfe Firm has represented people in both Magistrate and Circuit Court of Upshur County for over 24 years. If you have been injured in Upshur County, West Virginia, and need an attorney, call for a free consult at 304-637-5755.