Truck Blind Spots

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Truck Blind Spots

Trucks are equipped with large rear- and side-view mirrors for a reason. They have blind spots directly in front, back, and left of the driver. Another blind spot is on the right hand side, to the rear of the cabin. These blind spots make up the “no zone,” which pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles should avoid. Blind spots are a leading cause of accidents and fatalities involving trucks. Trucks and tractor-trailers, sometimes known as “common carriers,” are vital to intrastate and interstate commerce. They are the only means of transporting large, heavy cargo on the ground, as opposed to air or sea. But the same mass and power that make trucks useful can be deadly. Accidents caused by blind spots are some of the most gruesome on the road.

Avoiding Truck Collisions

Always give trucks a wide berth. Remember that if you cannot see yourself in the truck’s mirror, the driver cannot see you. Imagine the distance required to stop or turn a car and multiply by five. A car, for example, may require 100 feet to break while a truck needs five times more. A motorcycle can negotiate very tight turns while a truck cannot. Pedestrians and bicyclists must exercise extreme caution because they are less visible to drivers. They are most at risk of injury caused by blind spots. Whenever possible, stay clear of the “no zones” surrounding the truck.

Sometimes, it is impossible to give trucks all the space they need. In heavy traffic on busy highways, vehicles are close together. When motorists make an effort to drive safely and still collide with a bus, numerous parties may be liable. Truck accidents generally involve multiple vehicles and at least one driver at fault. Because truck drivers require a special commercial driver’s license to operate the vehicle, they are held to a higher legal standard in accidents involving blind spots. This is because they are specifically trained to make sure their blind spots are clear before taking action. Accidents caused by negligence in this respect often involve:

  • Intoxication
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding, racing
  • Distracted driving
  • Defective truck or part
  • Improper or missing mirrors
  • Vehicle safety below code
  • Immediate corrective action
  • Insufficient braking distance

Making any premature move, such as turning, braking, and changing lanes all require that drivers first check their blind spots. Failure to do so clearly breaks a legal duty to exercise care in driving the truck. When this violation causes an accident, the negligent driver and other responsible parties are liable to the victim for any resulting injury or damage.

Compensation for Blind Spot Accidents

Federal and state laws impose liability on motor carriers responsible for operating the trucks. Individuals, businesses, and other entities all employ trucks to transport goods within and outside the state. In the past, these carriers avoided liability by classifying their drivers as independent contractors. Now, most companies are held accountable for the negligent acts of their drivers. They must have sufficient insurance to cover expenses for bodily injury or death caused by negligent drivers. Injured victims therefore have multiple parties from which to recover. The negligent driver, motor carrier, operator, and their respective insurers must compensate the victim for all medical bills, missed wages, and other damages resulting from the truck accident.

Recovering Compensation for Your Injuries

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