Taylor County, West Virginia

Taylor County, West Virginia is mostly a rural county that is known for excellent hunting, fishing and camping in pristine forest and mountain parks located throughout the county. Pruntytown Wildlife Management Area, Tygart Lake State Park and Valley Falls State Park offer year round hunting, fishing and hiking. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, 16,895 residents called Taylor County home. Of those, 5,182 live in the county seat of Grafton.

Grafton was named in honor of John Grafton, who laid out the route of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Grafton was a strategic point in the Civil War because of all the railroad facilities and it was alternately held during the war by Union and Confederate forces for strategic battleground.

You will need to navigate US Highway 50, US Highway 119 and US Highway 250 to get to various points in Taylor County. Route 76 is also a main road that gets frequent traffic. Auto accident rates in Taylor County are on par with the state average, with less than 20 vehicle fatalities annually in recent years.

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Directions to our office from Taylor County are as follows: Take US 119 South to US 250 (alternate: WV-92 South). Turn left at Junior-Philippi-Grafton Road to continue on US 250 South/92 South/US 33 East towards Elkins. Turn slight right on WV-92 South and continue straight onto Randolph Avenue. Turn right at 4th Street and then left on Kerens Avenue. Our building is a three-story yellow brick colonial at the intersection of Kerens Avenue and 2nd Street. We offer two hours of free parking at the lot across the street from our office. Off-street parking is also available.

Circuit Court

Circuit Courts are general jurisdiction courts, which handle civil cases that are over $2,500 with some exceptions. The Circuit Courts are able to receive appeals from municipal court, magistrate court, administrative agencies, and sometimes family courts unless the parties appeal directly to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Circuit Courts are made up of judges who are elected in partisan elections and serve eight year terms.

The Circuit Court of Taylor County is located in the Taylor County Courthouse and its address is as follows:

Taylor County Courthouse
214 W Main Street
Grafton, WV 26354

If you are charged with a felony in the Circuit Court, you can also contact the Judge’s secretary about the steps you can take to obtain the services of a court-appointed attorney.

Alan D. Moats, Chief Circuit Court Judge
Beverly Diane Weaver, Judge’s Secretary
Taylor County Courthouse
214 W Main Street
Grafton, WV 26354
Phone: (304) 265-3474
Fax: (304) 265-0459

The Circuit Clerk of Taylor County is responsible with keeping the court files organized for the Circuit Court.

Taylor County Circuit Clerk, Vonda M. Renerman
Taylor County Courthouse, Room 105
214 W Main Street
Grafton, WV 26354
Phone: (304) 265-2480
Fax: (304) 265-1404

The Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney currently is John L. Bord.

Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney, John L. Bord
Courthouse Annex
214 W Main Street
Grafton, WV 26354
Phone: (304) 265-3211
Fax: (304) 265-3211

Magistrate Court

Magistrate Courts enforce the correct usage of laws and have jurisdiction over many civil cases dealing with financial amounts of five thousand dollars or less. They also hear misdemeanor cases, as well as issue legal documents to help cases move further. Magistrate Courts are made up of Magistrates who run for four-year terms and are elected in partisan elections.

The Magistrate Court of Taylor County is located in the Taylor County Courthouse Annex in Grafton, WV. Their mailing address is as follows:

Taylor County Magistrate Court
Taylor County Courthouse Annex
214 W Main Street
Grafton, WV 26354

There are currently two magistrates who serve Taylor County and their contact information is as follows:

James Leonard Lucas, Magistrate
Brenda E. Lucas, Assistant
Phone: (304) 265-1322

Ricky R. Reese, MagistrateCrystal R. Brake, Assistant
Phone: (304) 265-1322

Brenda L. Vance, Clerk
Phone: (304) 265-5762
Fax: (304) 265-5708