Side Impact Collisions

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Side-Impact Collisions

New cars are now equipped with side airbags to protect passengers from side-impact collisions. The force of another vehicle’s impact on a door can be deadly. For this reason, passengers may be more vulnerable to injury than drivers who have been hit. These accidents are common at intersections and four-way stops. They also occur during unprotected left turns. In this type of crash, either party may be at fault. A driver might speed through a red light and be hit by another vehicle. Others accelerate through four-way stops, causing havoc for drivers traveling at a perpendicular angle. Causes of side-impact collisions include:

  • Intoxication
  • Talking, texting
  • Traffic violation
  • Speeding, racing
  • Ignoring stop sign
  • Darkness, visibility
  • Failure to look both ways
  • Refusing to yield right of way
Side-Impact Collisions Caused by Careless Drivers

West Virginia personal injury laws protect victims injured by negligent drivers. At-fault motorists generally breach a duty to exercise reasonable care. They may do this by driving while drunk, distracted, or otherwise impaired. Even if they do not intend to cause harm, their reckless conduct endangers others and clearly violates the legal duty of care. As such, they are liable for all injuries resulting from the accident. This includes compensating the injured party for medical expenses, including emergency and continuing care, lost income, pain and suffering.

Side-Impact Collisions Causes Injury

The force of a vehicle crashing into a door usually causes injury. The hood of the car and its contents usually outweigh side doors. The weight of SUVs and trucks is especially dangerous when they collide with smaller cars. Even with a strong frame, all cars are vulnerable to side-impact accidents causing severe harm. Resulting injuries include:

  • Fire, burns, scars
  • Ejection from vehicle
  • Trapped inside vehicle
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones, fractures
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Neck and spinal cord damage

Because these are serious conditions requiring extensive treatment, the bills for hospital stays and continuing care can be high. The victim is also unable to work due to the injury. A personal injury claim allows such victims to recover all costs arising out of the accident.

Side-Impact Collisions Causing Wrongful Death

The force of the crash may affect passengers differently. If the oncoming vehicle hits the driver’s side, the car may spin but leave those on the passenger side unscathed. In many cases, the accident is powerful enough to flip the car, trapping people inside. Children and babies are also less likely to survive a side-impact collision hitting their side of the car. When the death of a loved one was is caused by negligence, surviving family members may recover compensation through a wrongful death claim. Spouses, children, and other dependents are entitled to the same personal injury damages, plus compensation for the lost relationship with the deceased.

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