Sexual Abuse and Assault

Victims of sexual abuse and assault can be emotionally scared, embarrassed or humiliated. The victims of sexual abuse and assault are often those that our society tries to protect, such as our children, young women and our elderly.

If you know of someone who has been the victim of sexual abuse and assault, you need to consult with a law firm and an attorney who is sensitive to the delicate nature of these cases, a lawyer who is experienced with the law surrounding sexual abuse and assault.

Victims of sexual abuse and assault suffer physically, as well as deep emotional injury, which can have a life-long psychological impact. You need a lawyer and law firm that understands the nature of sexual abuse and assault and can discuss your rights with you in a confidential setting.

Sexual abuse and assault takes place in many settings, including:

  • Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Daycare and Pre-School Facilities
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Schools
  • Workplace or Employment
  • Homes of trusted friends or family members
  • College Campus/Dorms
  • Hotels
  • Parking lots and public places

The sad truth is that the victims of sexual abuse and assault continue to suffer after the attack. They often suffer with depression, experience thoughts of suicide, and try to deal with the pain they are suffering through other means.

If you or someone you love is suffering because they have been a victim of sexual abuse and assault, please contact the Wolfe Law Firm. We have experienced lawyers who have dealt with these sensitive cases that can assist you. Contact the Wolfe Law Firm for a very private and confidential free consultation. Call 1-877-637-5756 to speak to an attorney today.