Randolph County, West Virginia

Randolph County, West Virginia, is located in the Northeast part of the Mountain State, nestled in the Monongahela National Forest. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Randolph County is home to 29,405 people. The city of Elkins is the county seat, or government center, of Randolph County and has a population of 7,214. Randolph County is the largest county in terms of land size in West Virginia, and encompasses the towns of Beverly, Huttonsville, Harman, Mill Creek, Montrose and Womelsdorf, (Coalton). Randolph County was named in honor of the Governor of Virginia, Edmund Jennings Randolph, who was in office from1786 to1788.

The county is home to annual celebrations that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, including the Mountain State Forest Festival in Elkins, which is one of the oldest and largest festivals of West Virginia, drawing in over 75,000 visitors each year. The Augusta Heritage Festival and the Randolph County International Ramp Cookoff and Festival are two other festivals that Randolph County is known for. These festivals give the county an opportunity to bond over the past traditions and celebrate for the future.

Various highways and routes dissect Randolph County, making it one of the more highly traveled areas of eastern West Virginia. The city of Elkins is situated at the junction of US Highway 33, US Highway 219 and US Highway 250. US Highway 33, in particular, is a major connector route, known as Corridor H, to the four-lane I-79 to the west. Car accidents and truck accidents along US 33 are not typically fatal, but there are about 40 non-fatal crashes along this corridor annually.

The average commute is about 14 minutes for workers in Elkins, WV, and this is about the same throughout Randolph County. Many drivers have to use two-lane highways to travel between towns for work, and tired or distracted drivers and poor road conditions can contribute to accidents. At the Wolfe Law Firm, we’ll fight for your rights if you’ve been in an accident in Randolph County. Call us toll-free at 1-877-637-5756 for a free consultation. We work on a contingent fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless you recover damages from your injuries.

Directions to our office within Randolph County are as follows: From the South: Take US Highway 219 North until it turns into Randolph Avenue in Elkins. Turn left on 3rd street and then left on Kerens Avenue. Our building is a three-story yellow brick colonial at the intersection of Kerens Avenue and 2nd Street. From the East or West: Take US Highway 33 until it turns into Randolph Avenue in Elkins. Turn west onto 3rd Street and then left onto Kerens Avenue. There is a parking lot across the street that offers two hours of free parking. Off-street parking is also available.

Circuit Court

Circuit Courts are general jurisdiction courts, which handle civil cases that are over $2,500 with some exceptions. The Circuit Courts are able to receive appeals from municipal court, magistrate court, administrative agencies, and sometimes family courts unless the parties appeal directly to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Circuit Courts are made up of judges who are elected in partisan elections and serve eight-year terms.

The Circuit Court of Randolph County is located in the Randolph County Courthouse and its address is as follows:

Randolph County Courthouse
2 Randolph Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241

If you are charged with a felony in the Circuit Court, you can also contact the Judge’s secretary about the steps you can take to obtain the services of a court-appointed attorney.

David H. Wilmoth, Chief Circuit Court Judge
Randolph County Courthouse
2 Randolph Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241
Phone: (304) 636-3815
Fax: (304) 637-1124

The Circuit Clerk of Randolph County is responsible with keeping the court files organized for the Circuit Court.

Phil Riggleman, Randolph County Circuit Clerk
Randolph County Courthouse
2 Randolph Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241
Phone: (304) 636-2765
Fax: (304) 637-3700

The Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney attends to the criminal activities and civil suits of the state. The Prosecuting Attorney’s job is to prosecute all necessary and proper proceedings against the wrongful criminal offenders and to settle civil suits in a respected manner.

Michael W. Parker, Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney

4 Randolph Ave.
Courthouse Annex, 2nd Floor
Elkins, WV 26241

Phone: (304) 636-2053
Fax: (304) 636-4198

Magistrate Court

Magistrate Courts enforce the correct usage of laws and have jurisdiction over many civil cases dealing with financial amounts of five thousand dollars or less. They also hear misdemeanor cases, as well as issue legal documents to help cases move further. Magistrate Courts are made up of magistrates who run for four-year terms and are elected in partisan elections.

The Magistrate Court of Randolph County is located across the street from the Randolph County Courthouse in the Courthouse Annex building in Elkins, WV. Their mailing address is as follows:

Randolph County Magistrate Court
11 Randolph Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241

There are currently three magistrates who serve Randolph County and their contact information is as follows:

Robert R. Elbon, Jr., Magistrate
Diana L. Davis, Assistant
Phone: (304) 636-1735

Benjamin E. Shepler, Magistrate
Michele L. Cooper, Assistant
Phone: (304) 636-5043

George M. “Mike” Riggleman, Magistrate
Crystal D. Zirkle, Assistant
Phone: (304) 637-1127

For general court information you can contact the Magistrate Clerk or her Deputy Clerk.

Phyllis A. Phares, Clerk
Sheila A. Arbogast, Deputy
Phone: (304) 636-5885
Fax: (304) 636-2510

The Wolfe Law Firm has over twenty-four years of experience handling cases in Randolph County’s Circuit and Magistrate Courts. We have tried numerous personal injury and car accident cases for people who were injured. For an experienced car accident attorney in Randolph County, West Virginia, call the Wolfe Law Firm today at 304-637-5755.