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Being hurt as the result of someone else’s careless actions can be a devastating and stressful experience. Regardless of the type of accident, the injuries may have a severe and permanent impact on your loved ones and you. Depending on your situation, you may have many options to pursue compensation. Elkins personal injury lawyer Dorwin J. Wolfe and the team at the Wolfe Law Firm can provide compassionate, knowledgeable guidance to accident victims throughout West Virginia. We understand the challenges that you are facing and are prepared to help you get your life back on track.

Guidance for Personal Injury Victims Pursuing Insurance Benefits

After being involved in an accident, you often can file a claim with the appropriate insurance company to seek policy benefits. For example, if you were struck by a careless driver, you may pursue benefits through an auto insurance policy. Victims of accidents on property may be able to make a claim on a homeowner insurance policy. In many cases, you can obtain benefits from not only your insurer but also the insurance company for the person or company that caused your injuries.

Although insurance contracts are meant to provide coverage in certain situations, insurance companies often make it difficult to receive the benefits that you deserve. It is not uncommon for them to engage in games like delaying or denying claims. However, they have an obligation to act in good faith, and they may be held legally accountable for failing to comply with that obligation. An experienced personal injury attorney in Elkins can help you during the initial claims process or pursue a bad-faith action against an insurance company that is trying to evade its obligations.

Seek Compensation for Sexual Abuse or a Sexual Assault

The harm that results from sexual abuse or a sexual assault is impossible to thoroughly quantify in terms of money. That said, victims are generally entitled to compensation to help them cope with the devastating and often life-long impact of the defendant’s unconscionable conduct. The victim’s civil claim is separate from any criminal prosecution brought against the perpetrator. Even if the defendant was not convicted of any crime, the significantly lesser burden of proof in civil cases means that a victim may be able to prevail in that type of claim.

The types of damages that plaintiffs can potentially obtain include compensation for psychiatric and counseling support services, as well as compensation for any medical bills incurred as a result of the abuse or assault. Compensation for more subjective, non-economic forms of harm, such as pain and suffering, also may be available. A broad range of defendants may be named in these cases, beyond the individual perpetrator. Some examples include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and daycares.

Hold a Negligent Health Care Provider Responsible for Medical Malpractice

We trust medical professionals to provide us with the care and attention that we need when seeking treatment. In some unfortunate instances, however, doctors carelessly fail to provide an accurate diagnosis, reach a diagnosis after an unnecessary delay, or make other mistakes that inflict permanent harm on a patient. When this happens, West Virginia law allows the victim to bring a negligence claim to seek compensation for any injuries resulting from the medical error.

To obtain compensation, the plaintiff must show that the defendant’s care deviated from the standard of care that other medical professionals in the same specialty would have used in a similar situation. Medical malpractice cases can be complex and generally require expert testimony to establish what went wrong and how it caused your injuries.

Protect Your Rights in a Child Injury Claim

We do our best as parents to keep our children safe from harm, but sometimes other people’s negligence leads to tragic consequences for a young person. Under West Virginia law, parents may seek damages on behalf of their child if he or she suffers an injury that could have been avoided through the regular exercise of reasonable care and attention. Child injuries may arise in a wide variety of situations, including car accidents, slip and falls, and encounters with dangerous products.

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