Left Turn Accidents

West Virginia Motorcycle Injury Attorney

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Motorcycles in Traffic Accidents

Motorcycles are a fun and fuel-efficient means to enjoy the fresh air. But, as local accident statistics show, danger sometimes outweighs the benefits of riding free. Despite their extreme caution, lone bikers remain less visible to inattentive drivers. Even with protective gear, riders are more exposed to the unforgiving impact of steel and asphalt. Motorcycle-related accidents result in far greater injuries and fatalities to the rider than most other types of motor vehicle accidents. The human skeleton cannot withstand the force of rapidly-approaching cars. Nowhere is this more apparent than in left-turn accidents.

General Rules Regarding Left Turns

Traffic laws in West Virginia require that vehicles wait until it is completely safe to turn left. This requires staying a safe distance away from approaching vehicles and judging the speed of oncoming traffic. In other words, the vehicle turning left has a duty to yield the right-of-way. The driver is not entitled to assume that rapidly approaching vehicles are similarly bound to slow down or stop at a yellow light to allow the turn to proceed. As such, motorists cannot turn left if it would block the intersection or if a rapidly approaching vehicle poses an immediate danger.

Motorcycle Riders and Drivers Making Left Turns

Motorcycle riders are subject to the same traffic rules. This means yielding to oncoming traffic and only turning left when it is completely safe. Even if the approaching driver is violating the speed limit or running a red light, no turn is worth the risk. Legally, the speeding motorist is at fault, but it is better to be alive than to be right. Some of the worst accidents occur when larger vehicles plow into motorcycles turning left. About 42 percent of these accidents occur when a car is turning left and the motorcycle is going straight. The impact can cause serious injuries that result when the rider is:

  • Ejected from seat
  • Cut by windshield
  • Run over in traffic
  • Thrown to asphalt
  • Burned by fuel spill
  • Dragged by motorcycle
  • Crushed between vehicles
  • Trapped under machinery
  • Left by hit-and-run driver
  • Late to receive medical care
  • More susceptible to trauma, infection
Negligent Drivers Liable for Resulting Injuries

When negligent drivers run a red light, block the intersection, or hit a motorcycle in the course of a left turn, they are liable for resulting injuries. This requires compensating riders for emergency treatment, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses. If the accident was caused by a defective vehicle part, the manufacturer is strictly liable to injured individuals for the same costs and, in some cases, additional “punitive” damages. Injured parties need not show negligence—the breach of a legal duty—to recover. Proving injury from the defective product is enough. In wrongful death cases, at-fault parties must provide the same compensation to the family, including funeral costs and damages for the loss of relationship with the deceased.

What to Do if You Were Involved in a Left Turn Accident

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