Criminal Appeals

In our criminal justice system if you are convicted or have plead guilty, you still have the constitutional right to appeal your sentence. Whether you are convicted in federal court, circuit court or magistrate court of a crime, the right to an appeal is guaranteed under the Constitutions of the State of West Virginia and the United States Constitution.

A citizen's right to appeal a criminal conviction is constantly being challenged through changes in the case and statutory law. In order to perfect your right to appeal your criminal conviction, you must often file the appropriate “Notice of Intent” to appeal your conviction within a required time period.

You may need a lawyer or an attorney who is experienced with the appellant procedures in the federal, circuit or magistrate court system. Contact an attorney who is experienced in the law of appellant procedure if you or your loved one feels that their conviction was inappropriately obtained. The Wolfe Law Firm has handled criminal appeals from the federal courts, the West Virginia Circuit Courts and the Magistrate Courts of West Virginia.

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