Car Accidents Related to Cell Phones

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Traffic safety experts warn that cell-phone use is the latest accident-causing epidemic. Current research indicates that talking and texting while driving makes a motorist 23 percent more likely to be injured in a crash. West Virginia has enacted laws that prohibit talking and texting while driving. But like other states, the already-stretched resources of law enforcement prevent more aggressive monitoring of driver conduct. Millions of motorists risk a ticket every day, blatantly breaking the law. The threat of being cut off from social contacts and networking sites has become more frightening than being stopped by police.

Talking and Texting While Driving

A recent poll shows most drivers think it is “ok” to text while stopped or talk on speakerphone; scientists disagree. Because talking and texting use the same part of the brain needed for driving, Bluetooth is not a solution. The distraction still increases a driver’s risk of injury and death. This is because safely operating a motor vehicle is not a passive activity. It requires total focus, concentration, and awareness of those who share the road. Every second spent talking or texting represents at least three minutes of distraction. At a reasonable velocity, this would allow the cell phone user to travel the length of two football fields in an accident.

Other effects of cell phone distraction include:

  • Following too closely
  • Missed signs and exits
  • Drastic “overcorrection”
  • Inability to watch other cars
  • Insufficient braking distance
  • Drift toward opposing traffic
  • Cutting, swerving across lanes
  • Failure to spot pedestrians, bikers
  • Failure to signal or let others pass
  • Sharp stop, U-turn blocking traffic
  • Acceleration, slowing against light
  • Crossing over median line or divider
Phone-Related Accidents Are Caused by Negligence

Cell phone use while driving is clearly illegal. Whether the activity involves talking, texting, or other application, it is also negligent. Drivers have a legal duty to safely operate their cars. This duty is not limited to the confines of the vehicle or their own person; the obligation extends to others sharing the road. Those who prioritize the action on their phone screens over the traffic on the road breach a legal duty by endangering others. If this violation causes an accident, the cell-phone user is liable for any resulting injury. Injured victims are entitled to medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, as well as damages to the family if the accident resulted in death. In addition to any criminal action, negligent drivers are also liable for substantial civil damages. The risk of having to pay a substantial personal injury award should be an incentive for drivers to put down cell phones while behind the wheel.

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