Broken Bones

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Broken bones can be caused by many factors, and they can interfere with virtually every aspect of an individual’s day-to-day life. If you have suffered this type of harm because of the carelessness of a person or company, you may be entitled to compensation. At the Wolfe Law Firm, we understand the emotional and physical strain that a broken bone can inflict. Having dedicated his energies to serving injured people in West Virginia, Randolph County injury lawyer Dorwin J. Wolfe has helped clients recover the compensation they deserve. He proudly represents clients in Buckhannon, Clarksburg, and Fairmont, as well as other areas of the state.

Protect Your Rights by Pursuing an Injury Claim

Every year, thousands of individuals suffer from broken bones. Often, for example, people injure themselves because they slip or trip and fall due to a spill or faulty condition on another’s property. When a bone breaks, damage can also occur to the joints, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the bones. The cartilage that is around a bone can also be adversely affected. In some cases, the bone can break in multiple places, making the injury even more painful.

If your broken bone is caused by the careless conduct of someone else, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. To succeed in this type of claim, you would need to prove that:

  • The defendant owed you a duty to act with reasonable care;
  • The defendant breached that duty with a careless action, or by carelessly failing to act;
  • That breach caused your injuries; and
  • You suffered damages from your injuries for which you can be compensated.

For example, a pedestrian might be struck by a driver who fails to stop at a red light. If the pedestrian suffers broken bones from the accident, he or she can file a negligence lawsuit against the driver. It would be based on the theory that the driver breached his or her duty of care to obey traffic laws and drive safely.

Suffering a broken bone is not only extremely painful but can cause recurring pain throughout an individual’s life. Dealing with this type of injury may require surgery, physical therapy, missed work days, and other inconveniences in your daily life. The expenses can quickly add up. Someone who has been injured due to someone else’s carelessness, therefore, may be able to recover medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, permanent or partial disability, special equipment costs, physical therapy expenses, and counseling costs. More subjective damages available may include compensation for the pain and suffering inflicted by the accident.

Randolph County Attorney Skilled in Injury Lawsuits

If you have endured bone fractures due to someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. At the Wolfe Law Firm, we work diligently to help our West Virginia clients pursue the compensation that they deserve. Our knowledgeable injury attorney Dorwin J. Wolfe will work hard to learn the facts of your case. He will work with adverse parties as needed, and he will not hesitate to bring your case to trial if settlement negotiations do not prove fruitful. To start a conversation with a Randolph County lawyer, contact us online or call us at 877-637-5756 for a free consultation, even if you are not sure that you have a case.