Braxton County, West Virginia

Located right in the center of the Mountain State, Braxton County, West Virginia has a population of 14,523, according to the U.S. Census in 2000. Local sites and attractions include the Mountain Lakes Amphitheater, which offers bands and concerts to entertain the town. The Bulltown Historic Area and the Elk River Wildlife Management Area are other local sites found in the wonderful county of Braxton. The county seat is the city of Sutton, which has just over 1,000 residents. Other towns in Braxton County are Burnsville, Flatwoods and Gassaway.

Braxton County is the home to many lakes used for fishing and recreation. Sutton Lake and Burnsville Lake offer boating and beautiful scenery. For an evening out on the town, Café Cimino Country Inn is a popular destination for fine dining.

The major roadway through Braxton County is I-79. Other roads include Highway 19, Route 4, Route 5 and Route 15, which all pass through Braxton County. Sadly, the county has been known for one of the highest rates of vehicles involved in fatal auto accidents in the state. The number of fatal crashes in Braxton County used to consistently be double or triple the state average and the accidents are still in the top third for fatalities in the state. However, in 2013, Braxton County only accounted for less than 15 fatality crashes. In 2013, for example, West Virginia counties averaged 30 vehicles in fatal crashes, while Braxton reported less than 5. Drunk drivers accounted for nearly less than the state average.

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Circuit Court

The Circuit Court of Braxton County is located in the Braxton County Courthouse. Braxton County is part of the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit along with Gilmer County, Webster County and Clay County.

Braxton County Courthouse
300 Main Street
Sutton, WV 26601

If you are charged with a felony in the Circuit Court, you can also contact the Judge’s secretary about the steps you can take to obtain the services of a court-appointed attorney. There are currently two Circuit Court Judge’s who preside over Braxton County and their contact information is as follows:

Richard A. Facemire, Chief Circuit Judge
Braxton County Courthouse
300 Main Street
Sutton, WV 26601
Phone: (304) 765-2807
Fax: (304) 765-5496

Jack Alsop, Circuit Judge
Tina L. Hamrick, Secretary
Webster County Court House
2 Court Square
Webster Springs, 26288
Phone: (304) 847-5062
Fax: (304) 847-7671

The Circuit Clerk of Braxton County is responsible with keeping the court files organized for the Circuit Court.

Braxton County Circuit Clerk, Susan Lemon
Braxton County Courthouse
300 Main Street
Sutton, WV 26601
Phone: (304) 765-2837
Fax: (304) 765-2947

The Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney currently is Kelly H. McLaughlin.

Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney, Kelly H. McLaughlin
PO Box 118
Sutton, WV 26601
Phone: (304) 765-3880
Fax: (304) 765-3883

Magistrate Court

The Magistrate Court of Braxton County is located in Sutton, WV. Their mailing address is as follows:

Braxton County Magistrate Court
307 Main Street
Sutton, WV 26601

There are currently two magistrates who serve Braxton County and their contact information is as follows:

David R. Singleton, Magistrate
Suite B Room 102
Phone: (304) 765-5678 or (304) 765-2520Fax: (304) 765-3756

Mary Beth Smith, Magistrate
Suite B Room 101
Phone: (304) 765-2520 or (304) 765-5678
Fax: (304) 765-3756

For information concerning court cases you can contact the Magistrate Clerk.

Timothy Hoover, Clerk
Suite 205
307 Main Street
Sutton WV 26601
Phone: (304) 765-7362
Fax: (304) 765-2612