Barbour County, West Virginia

Philippi is located in Barbour County, West Virginia, and was named after former U.S. Congressman and Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Philip Pendleton Barbour, who served from 1783-1841. Philippi is located on the Tygart River and home to Philippi is the covered bridge, which locals proudly claim was the first land battle of the Civil War.

Each year the town of Philippi holds the “Blue and Gray Reunion,” a Civil War re-enactment to commemorate the legendary Battle of Philippi, which is also known as the “Philippi Races”. The re-enactment preserves the history of the county and highlights the important moments of history, while showing visitors what life was like long ago. This battle was also called the Philippi Races because the Confederate troops quickly raced out of Philippi retreating to Beverly in nearby Randolph County.

The county is home to 16,589 residents, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. It is located in the north central region of the state and includes many small towns and country farms. Philippi is the county seat and contains a population of 3,244 according to the US Census.

Other towns in Barbour County are Belington, Junior, Berryburg, Carrollton, and Clemtown. There are over fifty unincorporated communities. Recently with the Marcellus drilling, Barbour County has seen a resurgence in the oil business. With the increase in drilling for Marcellus gas, there are many drilling trucks on the roads and drivers will need to be cautious.

When traveling through Barbour County the roads commonly used are as follows:

US Highway 199
US Highway 250
W Virginia Route 20
W Virginia Route 38
W Virginia Route 57
W Virginia Route 76
W Virginia Route 92

Many roads in this area are only two lanes and though beautiful, they can be windy. During early morning driving and at dusk, drivers must be on the lookout for deer and other wild game in the roadway. Known as the Mountain State, West Virginia roads can be quite treacherous, especially at night and during poor weather conditions.

Slightly fewer than 20 were involved in fatal accidents in Barbour County in 2013, with less than five of those contributed to drunk driving accidents. At the Wolfe Law Firm, we’ll fight for your rights if you’ve been in an auto accident in Barbour County. Call us toll-free at 1-877-637-5756 for a free consultation regarding your case. We work on a contingent fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless you do.

Directions to our office from Barbour County are as follows: Head south on US 250 (alternates: US 219 South or WV-92 South). Turn left at Junior-Philippi-Grafton Road to continue on US 250 South/92 South/US 33 East towards Elkins. Turn slight right on WV-92 South and continue straight onto Randolph Avenue. Turn right at 4th Street and then left on Kerens Avenue. Our building is a three-story yellow brick colonial at the intersection of Kerens Avenue and 2nd Street. We offer two hours of free parking at the lot across the street from our office. Off-street parking is also available.

Circuit Court

Circuit Courts are general jurisdiction courts, which handle civil cases that are over $2,500 with some exceptions. The Circuit Courts are able to receive appeals from municipal court, magistrate court, administrative agencies, and sometimes family courts unless the parties appeal directly to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Circuit Courts are made up of judges who are elected in partisan elections and serve eight-year terms. Barbour County is in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, which also includes Taylor County.

The Circuit Court of Barbour County is in the Barbour County Courthouse and its address is as follows:

Barbour County Courthouse
8 N Main Street
Phillipi, West Virginia 26416

If you are charged with a felony in the Circuit Court, you can also contact the Judge’s secretary about the steps you can take to obtain the services of a court-appointed attorney.

Alan D. Moats, Chief Circuit Judge
Beverly Diane Weaver, Judge’s Secretary
Taylor County Courthouse
214 W Main Street Grafton, WV 26354
Phone: (304) 265-3474
Fax: (304) 265-0459

The Circuit Clerk of Barbour County is responsible with keeping the court files organized for the Circuit Court.

Circuit Clerk of Barbour County, Gerald M. Fogg
Barbour County Courthouse
8 N Main Street Phillipi, West Virginia 26416
Phone: (304) 457-3454
Fax: (304) 457-2790

The Barbour County Prosecuting Attorney currently is Leckta L. Poling, whose address is as follows:

PO Box 38
Philippi, WV 26416-0038
Phone: (304) 457-1811
Fax: (304) 457-4820

Magistrate Court

Magistrate Courts enforce the correct usage of laws and have jurisdiction over many civil cases dealing with financial amounts of five thousand dollars or less. They also hear misdemeanor cases, as well as issue legal documents to help cases move further. Magistrate Courts are made up of magistrates who run for four-year terms and are elected in partisan elections.

The Magistrate Court of Barbour County is located in Philippi, WV across the street from the Circuit Court. Their mailing address is as follows:

Barbour County Magistrate Court
Church & Main Streets
PO Box 541
Philippi, WV 26416

There are currently two magistrates who serve Barbour County and their contact information is as follows:

Kathi S. McBee, Magistrate
Phone: (304) 457-4234

Tina M. Mouser, Magistrate
Phone: (304) 457-4153

Sabrina Ward, Clerk
Phone: (304) 457-3676
Fax: (304) 457-4999

If you need an attorney for a criminal charge or for a personal injury/ car accident case in Barbour County, West Virginia, call the Wolfe Law Firm for a free consultation at 304-637-5756.